• We offer various development services with a focus on compilers and native tooling based on the LLVM compiler infrastructure. LLVM is driven by a few famous tech gaints, who can effort their very own developer tools departments to handle it. It's not an easy dependency for anyone.
  • For smaller companies it remains a challenge to integrate LLVM in their own products. We help small players to evaluate, use and contribute to LLVM. Everybody should be able to profit from one to the most advanced low-level toolsets on the planet.


A list of project types inspired by previous contract work. If you have a question or a different kind of request, please don't hesitate to reach out. Read more >>

How it works

There is no way to know in advance what the dominating complexity will be in the next project. Our answer is an agile approach of Sprints and Breaks. Read more >>


  • Please reach out via E-Mail or pick a slot for a video call on Calendly.